2017 Ashes official travel packages available now

What should I do if I really want to get hold of match tickets without purchasing a tour?

As we have said elsewhere in this FAQ, the only OFFICIAL way of getting hold of match tickets is by purchasing them as part of an official package. As well as fully escorted tours, there are now packages available that include simply match tickets and entry to Lions hospitality bars pre and post match. Have a look at our travel page for more information.

Having friends, family or any other contacts in New Zealand is not a guarantee that they will be able to sort you out – the season ticket holders, clubs, schools and corporate interests will be keen to keep their tickets, so the prospect of a general “supply line” when you get out there is very remote!

This brings us on to the final point, and perhaps the most important, of buying tickets from a tout, or scalper as they’re also known in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a very high-risk strategy from a couple of perspectives; firstly, due to the demand problems we have outlined, the premium you would have to pay away will be enormous – much higher than the last tour in New Zealand (we would not be surprised if a couple of test match tickets reached the £1500 mark, or beyond). Secondly, the authorities will be red-hot on the illegal movement of tickets, so even if you shell out hundreds of pounds, you may even be refused entry into the stadium! It’s quite a risk to take.

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